Friday, September 19, 2008

New Coffee Stuff

We've actually had this sign up for a little while
and it's gotten a lot of attention! Everyone (including
us) wants to know when Soon is :)

My parents, covered in dirt laying sprinklers.

Such troopers!

The back yard before sprinklers and grass!!

The front yard
And then there was grass! What a difference it made
Jim was amazing and made the process go very quickly!
The barely recognizeable backyard!
More updates to come....stay tuned!


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said... exciting.

The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

If you need a part-timer to come work the first day or 2 of grand opening I'd love to help for free... maybe I can have a yummy sandwich?

Jim and Brea said...

Jenna, I will definitely take you up on that and you don't have to work for free :) You can have 5 sandwiches!!!

peteandjenn said...

This is so exciting Brea! Nice work!

scotty and crystal said...

This is nice guys, I can't wait to come buy coffee, it might have to be in a year though.